Texas A&M: College Station, Texas

Large map for MSC update:  Color Test


This is the current front runner color scheme for the MSC map. We will be using Essentium as the main supplier of the filament.

Texas A&M: College Station, Texas

Large map for MSC update


Coming soon to the Memorial Student Center at Texas A&M is the 2’x 2′ highly detailed map of A&M’s main campus. This map will be across from Rev’s Grill in the MSC near the information desk. This map will have Aggie Maroon buildings on top of a cool gray color.

Blinn College: Brenham, Texas


This map was created for the Blinn Brenham College Campus and includes two tiles that snap together with magnets to allow for a more portable map.

Blinn College: Bryan, Texas


This map was created for Blinn College in Bryan Texas and shows the main layout of their campus. The official outline of campus is offset from the rest of the area by having it on a raised peninsula shape.

Brazos Valley Center for Independent Living (BVCIL): Bryan, Texas


This map was created for BVCIL in Bryan Texas. BVCIL is a center for helping newly disabled people adapt to everyday life again. This map shows the interior of their building and the doorways.